Surface treatment

For the further processing and finishing of mechanical parts the Zurich manufacturing center offers a broad range of functional and decorative surface refining techniques and cleaning processes.



  • Wet blasting
    for small parts up to 800 mm x 400 mm, maximum individual weight 10 kg
  • Dry blasting
    for medium sized parts up to 1000 mm x 1500 mm, maximum individual weight
    200 kg



  • Zinc phosphate bath for the treatment of low-alloy steels

Dimensions (LxBxT) 4000 x 900 x 2000 mm
Layer density15–35 g/m2
Maximum individual weightmax. 1000 kg



  • Phosphoric acid bath for the treatment of unalloyed and low-alloy steels

Dimensions (LxBxT)2400 x 1000 x 2000 mm
Maximum individual weight max. 1000 kg

  • Purinox bath for etching of stainless steels

Diameter Diam. 1100 x 900 mm
Maximum individual weight max. 500 kg



  • Specialised treatment of aluminium components to prevent the formation of an oxide layer and thus ensuring that the parts remain electrically conducting.

Dimensions (LxBxT) 1100 x 700 x 750 mm
Maximum individual weightmax. 70 kg
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