Catalog of services

  • Procurement of materials, assembly of printed circuits using all technologies
  • Soldering of printed circuits, multi-layers, backplanes and flexprints, also those with special inlays such as copper-invar-copper etc.
  • Visual inspection of soldering joints, also using state of the art optical systems (e.g. ball grid array microscope)
  • Sealing and bonding of printed circuits and modules using robots
  • Testing of solderability and cleanness
  • Protective lacquering using various lacquers
  • Wiring and mounting of modules


Screen print

The soldering paste is applied automatically with an EKRA X5 screen printer. Both lead and lead-free soldering paste is used.

MIMOT advantage

The MIMOT Advantage PCB assembly machine has an hourly capacity of up to 18,000 units and with its 254 feeder positions is geared to the highest possible setup flexibility. Component sizes down to 0201 are possible.


With the QUAD IIC PCB assembly machine, mainly re-ordered and low-setup products are manufactured. At 3,600 units hourly it may not be the quickest machine but it remains very reliable.

Thermally complex soldering

Depending on the type of printed circuit and modules together with the components concerned, we are employ optimally coordinated, certified processes using our wave and vapour phase soldering machines. Our core competences include the master of these processes.

Wave soldering

The wave soldering of DSP and SMD printed circuits, including double sided boards, using a program controlled double wave soldering machine in an inert gas environment.

SMD soldering

Soldering of SMD printed circuits using a vapourphase system.

QFP and BAG soldering and desoldering

Soldering and desoldering of individual SMD components such as FPGA and ball grid arrays.

Bonding and sealing

We bond and seal components as a protection against environmental influences, shock and vibration. We are specialists with many years experience in the use of various sealants and bonding agents, and have mastered the processes of drying and curing.

Techniques and equipment

  • Both manual and automatic bonding and sealing.


  • CAM / ALOT dispensing automatic. This equipment guarantees an absolutely uniform and precise dosing of various sealant and bonding agents.

Dimensionally stable protective lacquering

Protective lacquering protects the printed circuits and assemblies from environmental influences such as: humidity, corrosion and forming of fungus. With our processes, we are able to apply dynamically stable protective lacquers (in accordance with ANSI standards).

Technology and equipment

Protective lacquers are applied using spray or dipping methods and checked in UV light.

Lacquers (examples)

  • HumiSeal 1B31
  • Dow Corning 1-2577
  • Electrolube HPA
  • Solithane 113

We also use other lacquers which are not on the list above in accordance with customer specifications.

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